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History of Accounting Day®

The first Accounting Day® was held in San Diego in 1972 and has been held annually ever since. Accounting Day®-San Diego can be viewed at AccountingDay®.org

To see the full extent and scope of Accounting Day®, visit the AccountingDay®.org History Link . You will gain a full understanding of the event from the perspective of an attendee, speaker, exhibitor or volunteer.

The Accounting Education Institute was formed for the purpose of providing ongoing continuing education for accounting and other professionals. It has been active since 1986 in various formats and was reorganized in 2008-2009 into its present form.

Since Accounting Day®-San Diego is strictly a local event, and, as a result of interest in Accounting Day® by other cities and business geographic communities, the Accounting Education Institute stepped in to market and manage these events. is Accounting Day® for other cities (outside of San Diego) and is independent of AccountingDay®.org-San Diego. will follow many of the same general concepts of Accounting Day-San Diego in that the event is the responsiblity of the committee formed from the local sponsoring participating organizations. However, these events will have their own direction and objectives. The biggest difference will be a much more proactive role in the business community and offering other educational events throughout the year. With the guidance and management of the Accounting Education Institute it will have year-around presence which will lead to strong community envolvement and less reliance temporary committee members.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events.